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Haryana is primarily an agriculture state with almost 80% of its land under cultivation. The geographical area of the state is 44212 sq. km which is 1.3% of India’s geographical area. It is not bestowed with bounty of natural forests and only 3.9% of its geographical area is under notified forests. As per India State of Forest Report, FSI, 2011, the Forest Cover in the state is 1608 sq.km which is 3.64% of the state's geographical area and the Tree Cover in the state is 1395 sq. km which is 3.16% of the geographical area. Thus the Forest and  Tree Cover of the Haryana state is 6.80% of its geographical area.

Forestry activities in the state are dispersed over rugged Shiwalik Hills in north, Aravalli hills in south, sand dunes in west and wastelands, saline-alkaline lands and waterlogged sites in the central part of the state.

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