Adoption of Animals & Birds

Invitation for Adoption of Animals and Birds in the Zoos Deer Parks in Haryana

Why Adopt Wild Animals and Birds

Roar of a magnificent tiger, leaping of a deer, call of red jungle fowl, melodious song of a nightangle, beautiful dance of a peacock, chirping of birds: all these were the common scenes for 'Incredible India'. However, due to the shrinkage and degradation of habitat and poaching of wildlife; many animals and birds have either become endangered or are likely to become so. Some of them have even become extinct. Wild animals and birds are the part and parcel of Indian culture and traditions. They are associated with Gods and Goddesses. If the present rate of degradation and shrinkage of habitat continues, the day is not far off when wild animals and birds will be lost forever; and we will be left only with their photographs. Wildlife is essential for human welfare. We can't live without them. Hence, wildlife has to be protected at all costs. Government efforts are not sufficient and it is the responsibility of all citizens of India to contribute towards protecting and conserving this unique wealth of India. There is an urgent need to create love and attachment towards wild animals and birds by creating awareness in the public. One way by which one can contribute in the noble cause of protecting this heritage of India and the unique gift of nature, is by adopting an animal/bird.

Captain Ajay Singh Yadav , Minister for Power, Forest & Environment is the first person in Haryana to adopt a Black Buck in Pipli Zoo for one year.

Need for Adoption of Animals and Birds

Haryana Forest Department has started a scheme for the adoption of animals and birds in zoos and deer park of the State to generate love for animals and birds. This noble scheme which is the brain child of Hon'ble Minister of Power, Forest & Environment, started in Haryana with effect from 07.01.2011. This animal adoption scheme will show your fascination, concer nand love for wild animals. Your small step towards animal adoption will help in a big way for Wildlife Conservation. One can contribute manifold in Wildlife Conservation by adopting animals through providing feed for them monthly/annually. Animal adoption scheme will certainly help in running the conservation projects which will involve captive breeding programme especially for endangered species In various zoos. The adoption of animals by any person of the society, will not only show his/her love or fascination for wildlife conservation but will also inspire others to follow the suit. The adoption of animals on ceremonial occasions like birthdays and anniversaries etc. will prove to be unique gift for mankind towards Wildlife Conservation. Keenness towards animal adoption will be highly appreciated and acknowledged by the society. The Hon'ble Minister of Power, Forest & Environment has already adopted a "Black Buck" at Mini Zoo Pipli on 07.01.2011 by paying an amount of Rs. 22,500.

Zoos and Deer Park in Haryana

There are three mini zoos in Haryana at Pipli (Kurukshetra), Rohtak and Bhiwani. There is also one Deer Park in Hisar district located on Dhansu road. All the above zoos and deer park have wild animals and birds to educate the public particularly school children and farmers about habits and habitat of wildlife.

Pipli Mini Zoo

This zoo is located on Grand Trunk road leading from Chandigarh to New Delhi in the vicinity of Kurukshetra town. This zoo was established during 1982 and is spread over an area of 27 acres. The following animals have been kept in this zoo:- Tiger-1, Black Buck-10, Bonnet Monkey-5, Spotted Deer-1, Hog Deer-1, Common Langur-2, Barking Deer-2, Guinea Fowl-4, Silver Pheasant-2, Fantail Pigeon-55, Cocktail-6.

Rohtak Mini Zoo

Rohtak Zoo was initiated during 1986 and is spread over an area of 44 acres which is located in the heart of city. The following animals have been kept in this zoo: Tiger-2, Panther-2, Black Buck-4, Blue Bull-1, Common Langur-2, Crocodile-5, Red Munia-1, Rosy Palican-2, Parakeet-2, Barn Owl-5, Ibis-3, Budgerigar-33, Silver Pheasant-2, Cockatiel-8, Java Sparrow-6, Love Bird-3, Jackal-1, Japanese Quail-18, Guinea Fowl-1.

Bhiwani Mini Zoo

This zoo is located in Bhiwani city covering an area of 7 acres and was established in 1982. The following animals have been kept in this Zoo: Crocodile-24, Black Buck-2, Sambhar-4, Chinkara-2, Red Jungle fowl-2, Barn Owl-4, Gharial-2, Silver Pheasant-1, Cockatiel-10, Love Bird-20, Java Spparow-18, Budgriger-160, Hippopotamus-4, Desert Fox-4, Tiger-2, Spotted Deer-9.

Hisar Deer Park

This park is located on Dhansu road, was established in 1970 on an area of 42 acres. This deer park has following animals : Black Buck-26, Spotted Deer-19, Sambhar-6, Blue Bull-1.

Procedure for adoption

One may adopt as under:

1. Select one zoo of your choice.

2.Pick your favourite animal exhibited in the zoo as given in list.

3. Choose your support for month/year.

4. Fill the attached form and hand it to the concern zoo incharge.

5. You can gift an adopted animal to your friends, parents, children or relatives.

6. If in any case your favourite animal is already adopted your name will be put in the waiting list, and as soon as the animal is available, you will be informed.

The scheme will be given due publicity. Interested person may apply in adoption form.

Previleges of Adopting an Animal

The person adopting animal / bird will be given privileges as under:

. The animal adopter’s name to be suitably displayed on a board.

. The adopter will be allowed free entry pass for his family or for five persons to visit the zoo 12 times in a year.

. The adopter will be invited as a special guest during various celebrations.

. The adopter to get a 'Certificate of Adoption'.

. The names of the persons adopting animals for one full year shall be displayed at the entry gate of the Zoo.

Rates for Adoption of Animals and Birds in Haryana

Sr. No. Name of Animal Monthy Charges Yearly Charges
1 Asiatic Lion 30000 360000
2 Leopard 30000 36000
3 Hyena 12500 150000
4 Jackal 5000 60000
5 Hippopotamus 12000 141000
6 Crocodile 3200 38000
7 Gharial 3200 38000
8 Peafowl 1000 12000
9 Langur 750 8500
10 Red Jungle Fowl 100 1200
11 Cockatiel 100 1200
12 Black Buck 2000 22500
13 Spotted Deer 2000 22500
14 Sambhar 2000 22500
15 Black Bear 4200 50000
16 Kaleez Pheasant 100 1200
17 Horned Owl 1000 12000
18 Desert Fox 8700 104400
19 Silver Pheasant 100 1200
20 Rosy Pelican 100 1200
21 Java Sparrow 100 1200
22 Guinea Fowl 100 1200
23 Parakeet 100 1200
24 Love Bird 100 1200
25 Japani Quail 100 1200
26 Budgerigar 100 1200
27 Hill Myna 100 1200
28 Black Francolin 1000 12000


. A minimum of 10 birds shall have to be adopted.

. For the young ones of the above animals such as calves, cubs, chicks & fawns etc., the charges will be the half of the above amount.

Contact Us at:

  1. Conservator of Forests (Wildlife), Panchkula, Van Bhawan, Sector 6, Panchkula. Tel. 0172-2583682
  2. Conservator of Forests (Wildlife), Gurgaon Forest Complex, Sohna Road, Gurgaon, Tel. 2300881
  3. Divisional Wildlife Officer, Panchkula Morni Road, T Point, Panchkula Tel. 01733-255000
  4. Divisional Wildlife Officer, Rohtak Shila Bye Pass, Near Double Phatak, Rohtak Tel. 01262-211231
  5. Divisional Wildlife Officer, Hisar Mill Gate, Hisar Tel. 01662-269233
  6. Divisional Wildlife Officer, Gurgaon Near Rajiv Chowk, Gurgaon Tel. 024-2222272
  7. Zoo/Deer Park Managers Pipli, Rohtak, Bhiwani, Hisar.

Chief Wildlife Warden Van Bhawan, Sector-6,
Panchkula-134109 (HARYANA)
Tele: 0172-2563977

Email Chief Wildlife Warden Van Bhawan, Sector-6, Panchkula-134109 (HARYANA) Tele: 0172-2563977