Forest Clearances Instructions

Apply for Tree Felling & Forest Clearances

Every user agency, who wants to use any forest land for non-forest purposes needs to apply seeking prior approval by State Government under FCA act 1980. Online applications are to be submitted on the website http://forestsclearance.nic.ino

  1. Important links for application under FCA act 1980.
    1. Acts
    2. Rules
    3. Work Flow
    4. Manual for user agency
    5. Online Submission & Monitoring of Forest and Wildlife Clearance Proposals
    6. Detailed information on replanting requirements for plots with varying tree population
    7. List of trees in various indurstrial estates as provided by HSIIDC
    8. Self certification order to replace tree NOC
  2. NOC/Permissions for Tree felling/Inspection Procedure and Reporting :-
    1. Permission for felling of trees
    2. NOC in respect of Punjab Land Preservation Act, 1900 or Forest or Restricted Lands

These e-services can be accessed by all citizens across the State through Government Citizen interface i.e. e-Disha counter on website or common Services Centre (CSC) or Self Login or Invest in Haryana Website (

Procedure and comprehensive checklist of NOC in respect of Punjab Land Preservation Act, 1900 (PLPA, 1900) or Forest or Restricted Lands & Permission of Felling of Trees.

Inspection Procedure of NOC in respect of Punjab Land Preservation Act, 1900 (PLPA,1900)or Forest or Restricted lands & Permissions for felling of trees.

Important Downloads

User manual for SARAL Haryana

User manual for Self Login

User manual for Invest Haryana

Government Order for e-ctizen services of Haryana Forest Department

Order of Integration of e-ctizen Services under Right To Service Act


Order regarding uploading of Inspection reports within 24 Hours, felling of High, Medium & Low Risk trees and inspection of same establishment

View & Download Inspection Reports of at least past two years for e- Service "Permission for Felling of Tree under General Section 4 of PLPA"