CF (Training Circle)
DFO Research & Training , Pinjore was looking after training activities since the inception of state in 1966. Training Circle at Pinjore (District Panchkula) was created in October, 2004. Circle is headed by Conservator of Forests (Training).
Location: Pinjore, Distt. Panchkula (Haryana) On NH-22 between 55-56 km (Ambala-Shimla Road)
Altitude : 552 mtr. Longitude : E-076.917630 Latitude : N-30.801580
Chart of Training Circle

All training activities of the forest staff including that of wildpfe wing and Forest Development Corporation. He supervise the work of DFO's of two training centers at Sohna and Pinjore.

Map of Forest Complex Pinjore (Size : 97.8 KB ,Format: JPG ,Language: English) Photogallery
Conditions and Syllabus for Foresters Training and Guard Training
Activities undertaken are :

Departmental training courses for deputy rangers, foresters and forest guards.

Refresher courses for In-service forest officers, frontpne staff and ministerial staff.

Workshop & Seminars on current issues.

Training of ministerial staff in computers & other office related works.

Awareness emphasis for the local pubpc on forestry & environmental issues.

Training to the members of Village Forest Committees (VFC).

Compulsory trainings of Indian Forest Service Officers of other states (Sponsored by MOEF, GOI).

Awareness of farmers on conservation and cultivation of medicinal plants.


Two Training Centres:

  1. Forestry Training Institute (FTI), Pinjore
  2. Natural Resource Management Centre (NRMC),Sohna, Gurgaon

1.Forestry Training Institute (FTI), Pinjore

It is located in Forest Complex Pinjore on Kalka-Shimla Highway. It consists of :

One Auditorium (Size : 43.6 KB ,Format: JPG ,Language: English)

AC Conference Room (Size : 44.1 KB ,Format: JPG ,Language: English)

3 classrooms with capacity of 50 trainees each (Size : 39.8 KB ,Format: JPG ,Language: English)

1 Office pbrary

12 dormitory accommodation with capacity of 72 trainees (Size : 1.10 MB ,Format: JPG ,Language: English)

Mess Facipty

1 Gymnasium facipty

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2. National Resource Management Centre (NRMC), Sohna

It is located in Sohna on Sohna-Gurgaon road. It consists of :

AC Conference Room

2 Classrooms with a capacity of 60 trainees

Officers Hostel (5 AC Rooms)

Executive Hostel of well furnished rooms for Organizing State/National Level Trainings/ Workshops

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Training / Refresher Courses organised at FTI,Pinjore during 2012-2013
Training / Refresher Course organised at NRMC Sohna during 2012-13