Wood Harvesting & Utilization

Wood Harvesting and Utilization

Wood harvesting in Govt. forests in 11 districts of the State is carried out by Production Wing of Haryana Forest Department whereas the work of wood harvesting in the remaining districts of the State is done by Haryana Forest Development Corporation. Annual harvesting of wood from Govt. forests in the State is to the tune of 1.50 lac standing cubic metres. The species generally harvested are Eucalyptus, Kikar, Shisham, Acacia tortilis, Khair and some miscellaneous species.

Green trees are harvested at their rotation age as per the prescriptions of the working plans whereas dead and dry trees are harvested at physical rotation. Almost 60% of the fellings consist of salvage fellings of dead and dry trees.

Trees are also grown on farm lands under agro-forestry systems. The farm wood is either felled by the farmers themselves or is purchased by the Haryana Forest Development Corporation at fixed purchase price. The major species grown under agro-forestry are Eucalyptus and Poplar. After harvesting, the wood harvested from Govt. forests is converted into logs, pulp wood/ boiler size wood and smaller fuel wood and brought to sale depots, wherefrom it is sold through open auctions. Wide publicity is given to auctions through newspapers and departmental website. The annual revenue from sale of forest produce is to the tune of Rs. 25 – 30 crores.

During the last decade ( 2001-02 to 2014-15), the Production Circle has harvested 12.68 lakh cum (13.5 lakh trees) of standing volume of which 44% had been green and remaining 56% had been dead dry. Divisionwise contribution in felling has been 23% for Yamunanagar 21% for Hisar, 24% for Kurukshetra and remaining 32% by Karnal Production Division.

Out of the total harvest of 12.68 lakh cum Eucalyptus has dominated in the felling to the extent of 45% followed by Kikar 28%, Misc 13%, Shisham 10%, Chir 1% and Khair to the extent of 2%. However from growing stock point of view, the availability of different species in growing stock is: Euc 28%, Kikar 15%, Misc 41%, Shisham 4% and others 12%.

Division wise and species wise felling data