Message from PCCF's Desk

Message from PCCF (HOFF)

Haryana is one of the states in the country having least forest area in the country primarily due to the fact that it has almost 81% of its area under agriculture.With only 6.8 percent of its area under forest and tree cover, our prime endeavor at the forest department will be to preserve and to increase the forest and tree cover in the State, for conserving the bio-diversity for ecological sustainability and environmental services, through sustainable management of forests and plantations. The role of forests and trees in providing services to humans has further become significant as they combat the adverse effects of the climate change through carbon sequestration and climate amelioration.

With this bio-geographical background about the status of forests in Haryana, my leadership goals include advancing strategic policy objectives of the Forest Department to increase the forest and tree cover to 10%; sustaining and managing the state’s forests through applying scientific knowledge; delivering benefits to the public; and excelling as a high performing department.

One of the main priorities this year will be the implementation of the School Children Plantation Drive launched by the Hon’ble Chief Minister. I appeal to all citizens to contribute in making this plantation drive a great success.

Special emphasis is being given to Soil and Moisture Conservation works in the hills to conserve water and deliver it to adjacent farmlands for increasing their productivity and enhancing incomes. Herbal Parks have been developed in every district to bring people closer to the natural ecosystem. This will help the people adopt environment friendly attitudes in their lives.

To achieve these goals, my team of officers in the Forest Department will remain committed to implement various schemes of the Government in a better way.

Jai Hind