Agro Forestry

Timber market at Yamunanagar and Jagadhri

Twin cities of Yamunanagar and Jagadhari are the most important timber markets in Haryana state in terms of volume traded of a large number of species. Eucalyptus and Poplar, however, constitute the largest chunk of the market. It is the biggest timber markets of northern India. It is well connected both by rail and road with other important towns. The forest-based industries at Yamunanagar are paper mills, saw mills, hard board, plywood factories and straw board factories, sugar mills, packing case units and furniture making. Timber comes from the forests- the shiwalik ranges and the foothills of shiwalik. In addition, there is a fair growth of farm forestry. The market also gets supply from adjoining areas of Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Uttranchal, as well as from import of wood. Demands for timber come from varied sources. It is used as raw material for the production of furniture, doors, windows, their frames, pulpwood, packaging materials and now many other industrial uses as well. The bulk buyers of timber and fuel wood, pulp wood, be they contractors, builders or industrial users of timber, are generally hard bargainer, knowing the market and the product too well. On the other hand, real consumers are at the goodwill of the traders.

Marketing of Wood:

Players in the timber market of Haryana can be placed into three broad levels.

Primary supplier of the wood


Panchayat / Community

Government Forests / Plantations

Intermediary buyers / users


Commission agents

Timber merchants


Veneer / Peeling units

Secondary buyers / End users

Ply board industries

Manufacturers of wooden boxes and crates

Food grain handling / storage agencies

Building / construction works

Brick kilns

Paper industry

Furniture shops

Other users