Inspection Procedure

Inspection Procedure of NOC in respect of Punjab Land Preservation Act, 1900 (PLPA,1900)or Forest or Restricted lands & Permissions for felling of trees

1.When the application is received by DFO, same is examined for any further information required.

2.Post examination of application by DFO the inspection is undertaken by the department.

3.Accepted Application is forwarded to concerned Ranger Officer for inspection. This allocation of range officer is done through computerized allocation.

5.The application is then allocated to concerned Block/Beat/In charge for Inspection by Range Officer.

6.Range officer ensures the site inspection by himself/herself/Block/Beat/In charge.

7.Range officer submits the Inspection Report online to DFO within 48 hours.

8.DFO reviews the Inspection reports submitted.

9.The findings of inspection are available to the user online on his login.

Check list /performa for site inspection report

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