Vision of Haryana Forest Department

    To make the state ecologically stable and to conserve the biodiversity of forest and wildlife.


    To adopt diversification of species for conservation of biodiversity, to adopt measures for soil and water conservation and try to achieve the target of 20% Forest and Tree Cover in a phased manner by 2020 as envisaged in the State Forest Policy.


    1. Afforestation on Govt. Forest Lands.
    2. Afforestation on institutional lands, panchayat lands, community lands and private farm lands.
    3. Protection of Forests.
    4. Raising of saplings for distribution/sale.
    5. Strengthening, expansion and improvement of National Parks and Sanctuaries for Wildlife protection.
    6. To strengthen Community Participation through Joint Forest Management.
    7. Soil and Water Conservation on watershed basis including Cho-Training.
    8. Development of infrastructure for the department including Management Information System.
    9. Establishment and maintenance of Herbal Parks.
    10. Carrying out Research Activities including preparation of Working Plans, Publicity, Training and Extension.


    1. Management and protection of forests as per Indian Forest Act, 1927, Forest Conservation Act, 1980, Punjab Land Preservation Act, 1900 and other related acts, rules and regulations.
    2. Afforestation on Govt. forest lands and other wastelands.
    3. Development of Herbal parks.
    4. Soil & Water Conservation including construction of Water Harvesting Structures.
    5. Development of Eco-tourism
    6. Forestry Research and Seed Development.
    7. Wildlife Conservation and Management as per Wildlife Protection Act, 1972.
    8. Harvesting of wood and its utilization.
    9. Human resource development through trainings.
    10. Joint Forest Management and Community Participation
    11. Application of MIS/GIS

    Result Framework Document(RFD)

    RFD 2013-14 Achievements(PDF 46 KB)

    RFD 2014-15 (PDF 47 KB)