Citizen Charter


    Haryana is primarily an agricultural state with almost 80% of its land under cultivation. The geographical area of the state is 44212 sq. km which is 1.3% of India’s geographical area. The state is not bestowed with bounty of natural forests and only 3.90% of its geographical area is under notified Forests. The rest extends as Tree Cover in village common lands, community lands, institutional lands and agricultural farms, making the total area under Forest and Tree Cover to 6.49 percent. (India State of Forest Report, FSI, 2013)

    Forestry activities in the state are dispersed over rugged Shiwalik Hills in the north, Aravalli Hills in south, sand dunes in west and wastelands, saline-alkaline lands, and waterlogged sites in the central part of the state.


    The department is making efforts to increase the Forest / Tree Cover in accordance with the Haryana State Forest Policy. Simultaneously, measures are being taken to protect & conserve the existing tree species and fauna to arrest and reverse ecological degradation.


    The objective of this charter is to work for better quality in public service

    Services being delivered

    Following services are being delivered by the Department:-

    1. Processing the project files for getting permission from Government of India under Forest Conservation Act,  1980.
    2. Granting of NOC regarding areas being covered under notified forests.
    3. Granting of permission for felling of trees in areas under Section 4 of Punjab Land Preservation Act, 1900.
    4. Seedling Distribution
    5. Services at Zoos

    Besides plantation of quality tree species and conservation of forests and wildlife, the department undertakes scientific management of forest areas that helps to increase forests productivity, check soil erosion in hilly areas and improve ground water recharge. Recently a new concept of development of Herbal Parks has been introduced to create awareness about traditional medicinal plants among the local people. The department encourages farmers to take-up Agro-forestry on their farm lands by providing technical guidance for plantation of tree species of economic importance. At times, the department cautions farmers against plantation of spurious variants of tree species available in the market. The department also supplies saplings from forest nurseries to institutions & panchayats. Under Haryana Apportionment of Tree Rules 2000, a benefit sharing mechanism has been devised for farmers who own their cultivable lands adjoining the Road Strip Forests. This mechanism entitles farmers a reasonable proportion of revenue /share from the trees of Road Strip Forests in lieu of the services rendered by the farmers by way of protection of these trees from theft or illicit felling or grazing or fire.

    Time-Line for Delivery of Services

    Sr.No. Name/Particular of the service Current mode of delivery of the service (Manual/electronic) Time-lines prescribed for delivery of the service, if any,
    1 Processing the project files for getting permission from Govt. of India under Forest Conservation Act, 1980 The movement of file can be monitored on a web based software. Time limit fixed by Govt. of India as under :-
    To see time line please click here
    2 Granting of NOC regrarding areas being covered under notified forests Manual One month
    3 Granting of permission for felling in areas under section 4 of Punjab Land Preservation Act, PLPA 1900
    a) For normal felling under approved felling programme
    b) For felling in deviation cases
    Manual Two months
    4 Seedling distribution Manual Within 3 days
    5 Entry to Zoos Manual Same day

    Contact Persons

    For any information, the officers of the department can be contacted on their contact Nos. available on the departmental website:
    The complaints can also be sent directly to Head of the Department on following address:-
    Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, Haryana
    C-18, Van Bhawan, Sector-6, Panchkula
    Phone : 0172-2563988
    E-mail id:,

    A Piece of request

    As the Citizens’ Charter is a joint effort between the department and general public to improve the quality of service being provided by the department, the co-operation of the general public is solicited on the following :-

    1. Information about the notorious timber smugglers
    2. Information about the Wildlife poachers.
    3. Information about illegal storage of timber and other forest produce.
    4. Information about encroachers and encroachments on forest land.
    5. Information about the occurrence of forest fires during fire season.