Development of Agro Forestry in Community/Farm Lands

    • Date : 01/01/2010 -

    3 State Plan Schemes namely “Development of Agroforestry – clonal and nonclonal”, “Social and Farm Forestry” and “Extension Forestry on Farmlands along highways” have been merged and renamed as “Development of Agro-forestry in Community / Farmlands”.


    To increase the Tree Cover outside forests in consonance with the State and National Forest Policies.


    Agro-forestry is a dynamic land management system that combines agriculture with forestry, horticulture, medicinal plants and/or animal husbandry on the same piece of land. It utilizes production potential of land in two to three tiers with suitable crop-tree combinations. The demand for agro-forestry products and services in the country is increasing with rapid economic growth, industrialization and increase in population. Integrated cultivation of agriculture and tree crops is being adopted as a strategy to save natural forests and to ensure sustained supply of rawmaterial to Wood-Based Industries. There is now an increasing realization that the conservation of natural forests and creation of agro-forestry plantations are inextricably linked with the ecological security of man-kind.

    How To Apply

    Quantum of funds likely to be borne by the Government of India or by any other external agency: It is a continuing plan scheme to be funded by the State Govt. from plan funds.


    Development of Agro Forestry (192 KB)