Forest Buildings

    • Date : 01/01/2016 - 31/12/2017

    It is a state plan scheme with a proposed outlay of Rs. 500 lacs, to be funded wholly by the State Govt.


    Construction and maintenance of office and residential buildings for staff.


    Forest Department has grown into one of the largest departments of the state. Its assets include large number of buildings, in the field as well as at headquarters in the form of offices, residences and rest houses. These require annual maintenance and repairs. A large number of employees in the department are still without Govt. accommodation. Thus, there is a need to construct new buildings and also maintain the existing buildings / rest houses.

    How To Apply

    Quantum of funds likely to be borne by the Government of India or by any other external agency: It is a continuing state plan scheme to be funded by the State Govt. from plan funds.


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