Information Technology

    • Date : 01/01/2008 - 31/12/2009

    The department has initiated the process of procurement of hardware and software to computerize its various activities. Computers have been provided up to range office level. Decision Support Systems (DSSs) for various core forestry functions like FOMS, FLMS, and NSMS have been developed with the help of the MP Forest Department. Assets Management System has also been got developed. 2 ecitizen services namely “Permission for felling of trees” and “NOC in respect of Reserved Forests / Restricted Forests / PLPA” have been launched online. GPS and GPS-based PDAs have been procured for capturing GIS data. Digitization of block forest areas is being got done through HARSAC. The required hardware is being procured through HARTRON and other approved agencies.


    To replace the traditional delivery of public service by an IT driven system of governance.


    During the implementation of IT Plans (2006-09 and 2011- 13), the department has initiated the process of procurement of hardware and softwares to computerize its activities. Development of web based modules is being taken up simultaneously. These include development of modules for Forest Areas Management, Nursery Stock Management, Forest Offence Management and Forest Assets Management etc. Department has linked all its field offices through broadband. This will make collection, compilation and retrieval of data in field offices, district offices and head office very easy and bring accessibility, transparency and accountability in the working of the department. Server hardware and software have been procured and installed at State Data Centre. IT Plan (2014-16) of the department has also been approved by the IT Prism. This IT Plan is proposed to be implemented during 2016-17.

    How To Apply

    It is a continuing plan scheme to be funded by the State Govt. from plan funds.


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