Rehabilitation of Aravalli Hills

    • Date : 01/05/2011 - 31/12/2017
    1. The state plan scheme namely “Revitalization of Institutions in Aravalli Hills” has been renamed as “Rehabilitation of Aravalli Hills”.
    2. Financing pattern: It is a state plan scheme with a proposed outlay of Rs. 1200.00 lacs to be wholly funded by the State Govt.


    To maintain and protect the green cover created under “Aravalli Afforestation Project” with the help of Village Forest Committees and other stakeholders.


    EU sponsored Project for rehabilitation of Aravalli Hills was executed by the department during 1991-2000. Village Institutions were created and plantations were done in almost 350 villages in six districts wherein the Aravallis are located. After closure of the project, these institutions have become defunct and in several villages, the plantation areas have become degraded. This scheme is being implemented to maintain green cover in the Aravalli Hills which are one of the oldest mountain systems in the world.

    How To Apply

    Quantum of funds likely to be borne by the Government of India or by any other external agency: The scheme will be entirely funded from State plan funds.


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