Rehabilitation of Degraded Forests

    • Date : 09/08/2018 -

    As you are aware that the government of Haryana has placed high priority to implement online transfers of forest guards for transparency and good governance. For the implementation of the policy, data of forest guards had been compiled at the Division level and subsequently was consolidated and sent to HKCL for the development of software. The forest guards who are eligible for transfers as well as the beats/posts that are vacant have been identified as per the policy and have been intimated vide letter no. E-lU t7 34-1739 dated 01-08-2018.


    Online Transfers of Forest Guards (FGs)


    Transparency and Good Governance

    How To Apply

    For online submission of posting preferences, the FGs are required to log in to the website FGs are being provided with individual usernames & passwords.


    Rehabilitation of Degraded Forests (143 KB)